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Tutorial 4 Light Image Coloring

This tutorial is using Photoshop 7. I believe it's transferable :) This tutorial I found works best for the effect with light backgrounded caps. Using it on dark caps gets this effect, just to warn you now.

We'll be going from this to

Note: I didn't save the .psd so the tutorial image may not be the exact crop, but the coloring is more important. ^.^

So I started out with this image. (cap by dj43)

If you want to know how I crop click here It's the first part ^.^

Auto Color
Image>Adjustments>Auto Color

Auto Levels
Image>Adjustments>Auto Levels

(it's slightly lighter if you can't tell)

Image Resizing
Image>Image Size...

You get:


Duplicate your background layer.
Set the Duplicated Layer on Blend Mode: Screen

Duplicate your background layer again.
Drag that on top of the screen layer.
Set the second Layer on Blend Mode: Softlight

Merge Image

Layers>Merge Visible

Duplicate the merged image.
Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur
Set: 3 pixels

Duplicate Background Image Again
Drag it on top of your Gaussian Blur Image
Blend Mode: Hard Light

Now there's our base.



Over the three layers
Blend Mode: Exclusion


Over the exclusion layer
Blend Mode: Soft Light


Over the Soft Light Layer
Blend Mode: Color
Opacity: 40%


Over the Color Layer
Blend Mode: Multiply
Opacity: 50%


Over the Multiply Layer
Blend Mode: Exclusion
Opacity: 50%

Back to your Base Layer and Duplicate it.
Drag it on top of all the other layers
Blend Mode: Lighten
Opacity: 80%

I got from myrasis
Paste it on top
Blend Mode: Screen

Merge your Layers

Layers>Merge Visible

New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
Bucket Tool
Fill: Foreground
Color: 000000

Eraser Tool
You'll have to create a 98x98 pixel brush or just use this one:
To make it a new brush Select All (Ctrl+A) Edit>Define Brush
Eraser the middle of the black layer.

You should have this:

Merge Visible
Layer>Merge Visible

Text as always, optional.
Font: Arial
Type: Bold
Size: 3 pt
Leading: (Auto)
Tracking: 400%

Text used: not really goodbye

Flatten Image
Layer>Flatten Image

And you're done! ^.^
File>Save As

Save your file however you like, I prefer .png because it keeps the coloring.

Icon 1: Icon 2:

I think they're pretty close :)

Icon is up for grabs with proper credit. I'd love to see what you all do ^.^
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