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Rules and Facts

If you'd like to use the icons located at shamrockicons you must read the rules.

My Rules are simple.

Key: + = Rule - = Description to it

- Save to your own server please! Bandwidth is a killer.

+ Comments are always welcomed.
- Even if you hate them.
- Please note that if you're mean to me I will be mean back though.
- Constructive criticism is big for me. I like improving.

- shadowshamrock
- Credit me in the comments part of the User Pic description. It's polite.

Do you take requests?
Currently? Yes. Please state what you want and any images you would like me to use.

Who made your icon journal layout?
This layout's coding was created at premade_ljs. Everything else was made by myself and dearest.

Where do you get the things you use for your icons?
My resources are located here.
I also have a post of all the tutorials I have used located here. I update as often as possible. :)

OMG!!! I want to nominate your icon! Can I?
Certainly. :) But please remember to save it to your own server.
I would also like you to post here that you did.
I like to keep track of icontests :)

Would you like to be my affiliate?
Sure. Please comment here though.
As long as it's some type of graphics site.
Personal journals should go to shadowshamrock.
That is my personal livejournal.
If you want to be updated with posts just add me.
I do friend back :)

Credit you? How do I do that?
I like to credit all my icons in the comments box.
This tutorial is a good way to show you how.
I am not a fan of keywords because I keep mine all the same so they change with my comments.
That's not important though.
Hope that helped a bunch.
Remember: shadowshamrock or shamrockicons in Comments.

Ugh I'm looking for specific type of icon you have. Can you help me?
Not currently. I'm planning to tag all my icons, by the new year I should have this done.

You're icons are pretty, but what's with the userinfo?
Honestly, I went colorbar crazy Those are my fandoms. I apologize for those with Dial-Up. I'll clean it up all pretty sooner or later, but for now it's staying that way. I'll probably change it because it is starting to annoy me XD

How come you don't update a lot?
Because I'm mean and evil I forget to post honestly and most of my icons are made for icontests. Those are week long so it takes a few weeks for those to stack up. I'm also really busy and I lose interests in icons sometimes. Plus, my icons aren't in high demand as others out there.

OMG! You're out of bandwidth!
Sorry, but until I can get a stable enough job and more money in my pocket, I have to use all the free sites i can get :/.

How do I qualify for a family site?
You can't really qualify until we form some sort of bond. Yes I know it's just the internet, but most of my family sites are people I talk to constantly online or real life, read my journal, and help me out with a lot of things. Therefore you qualify as family.

What happened to all the large graphics?
They're over at shadowheaders now. :)

If I have forgotten anything else please leave a comment ^.^
I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time.
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